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BI101 Unit 2 DQ2 Response Post 1

BI101 Unit 2 DQ2 Response Post 1

This is a response post to classmate Christian Montoya.

Her Post:


  1. Briefly differentiate between the two processes, including the reactants and products of both and the relative energy yield.

Anaerobic happens without the presence of oxygen. respiration produces less amount of ATP(2). Aerobic happens with the presence of oxygen and can produce amount of ATP(32) (Reece, 2018). Anaerobic respiration occurs in Cytoplasm and aerobic respiration occurs in cytoplasm and mitochondria (lecture). Anaerobic respiration is found in anaerobic bacteria and muscle cell. Aerobic respiration happens in plants and animal cells. Anaerobic produces ethanol, lactic acid and CO2 are outcomes and Aerobic has CO2 and H2) as products. Anaerobic uses fermentation process that can release small amounts of energy without oxygen (lecture).

  1. Under what condition might our own cells use anaerobic respiration and why?

Our cells may use anaerobic respiration process when muscle cells are overused for example in exercise activities. Because less oxygen in muscle tissue fatigued produces lactic acid.  This is when anaerobic respiration occurs resulting in the fermentation either by alcoholic or lactic acid (lecture).  Note that the lactic acid occurrence is only a backup energy source.  Humans still require oxygen to produce high amounts of ATP. In Anaerobic when no oxygen present cells recycle NAD+ through fermentation.

  1. Describe an example where humans commercially utilize anaerobic respiration; be specific about the purpose, the organisms used and the products.

            Some commercially utilize anaerobic respiration process are in Alcoholic fermentation examples are yeast when bread rises from carbon dioxide buildup, used to make beer and wine when mixing yeast into the product to give needed enzymes (lecture).


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