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Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Networks

1.What are artificial neural networks (ANN)? Identify 5 types of ANN and what they can be used for.

2.Use Google Scholar (scholar.google.com) to locate two papers since 2016 that use machine learning in one subject area (health, retail, oil and gas, etc.). Identify the problem domain. Compare and contrast the analysis methods. Do you feel one method was better than the other? 

3.List and briefly describe the nine-step process in conducting a neural network project.

4.How can deep learning be used to fight fraud? List some of the tools that can be used and how they detect the fraud.

5.List and explain 3 methods of deep learning. Give examples of when they should be used

Note: Each question requires a response of at least 300 words. Proper citations and references should be used.