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Are recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings consistent with the Founding Fathers’ intentions for the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, and what role does the common phrase “separation of church and state” play in political discourse related to constitutional interpretation? Include in your discussion whether and/or to what extent separation of church and state is consistent with biblical principles. Historical, legal and academic sources are appropriate sources for this assignment. Popular sources or advocacy publications may be used sparingly to convey opposing sides in the contemporary debate, but do not count toward your required number of sources.

Place the Thesis Statement within a projected 1-page outline of the research paper, including a minimum of five discussion points that you consider essential for reaching a conclusion on the research question (e.g. background of the issue, essential definitions of terms used in the debate, main opposing sides, evidence supporting each line of argument, biblical application, and rationale for conclusion.) Please use Roman numerals to indicate the main points and lower case letters to indicate any tertiary points, and identify at least 3 scholarly sources germane to one or more points. For example:

I.  Introduction and Thesis Statement

II.  Background

III.  Perspective 1 and Supporting Evidence

a.  Point 1

b.  Point 2

c.  Point 3

Please submit the Thesis Statement/Outline in Word. Paper formatting must follow current Turabian Author-Date style, including title, body and Reference pages.