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Advanced Toxicology

Advanced Toxicology

More states in the United States are legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana. Some states have laws that classify a person impaired to drive if an illegal substance or its metabolites are in the body. Marijuana, when it undergoes biotransformation, metabolizes into two different metabolites, Hydroxy-THC and Carboxy-THC. The first causes impairment while the second, although it does not cause impairment, stays in the body for an extended period of time. Consider how marijuana’s biotransformation may vary depending on the individual and the varying ability of marijuana’s metabolites to cause impairment. Do you think that laws that prosecute regardless of the type of metabolite are justified to prosecute for a driving while intoxicated (DWI)? Why, or why not?

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In my opinion, the use of marijuana comes in two forms which are THC and CBD. From my understanding the excessive use of THC based marijuana is the one that causes impairment for me causing drowsiness and impaired judgement. However, I have not used CBD based marijuana, I understand that it has some medicinal use to treat pain, anxiety, depression, cancer, and other health issues. I believe that it is also true that marijuana can also have negative impacts to a person based on their body’s ability to metabolize the substance. Marijuana is the same as any plant such as aloe vera, if your body is allergic or cannot metabolize the substance the effects can cause harm to the person. With scientific advancements in growing cannibis, this helped enhance our understanding of how the plant can be used and how it effects the body. I think that the law has yet to take this into full consdieration still demonizing the drug in the past. However, the future shows hope by making cannabis legal and studies proving that marijuana is not as harmful as it seems. I believe we must create more effective methods of assessing people who use cannabis and are “under the influence” and if they are truly impaired to perform activities such as work or driving. I have used marijuana for pain relief, relaxation, and to help promote sleep. I have never had any negative health impacts related to the use and believe there are far worst things your body can ingest that are truly poison whereas, marijuana is a plant grown from the earth.