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Visual analysis (300-375 words) that compares and contrasts two photographs of your choice and fully addresses the prompt.


Pick one photograph by Seydou Keïta from this website: http://www.seydoukeitaphotographer.com/en/photographs/ (Links to an external site.).

Next, pick one photograph by Malick Sidibé from this website: https://amp.matrix.msu.edu/portfolio.php?name=MalickSidibé&page=1&page=1 (Links to an external site.).

On a separate page in your response, be sure to copy and paste your chosen photographs. Provide the name of the photographer, title (Untitled is okay if no title is provided), date, and link to the website for each photograph (example below). This does NOT go towards the word count.

Using only the provided websites, compare and contrast the photographs in terms of:

  • Who is being depicted?
  • What are they wearing?
  • Color
  • Composition (arrangement of people, props, objects) and poses of the body
  • Context (consider: Do these photographs reflect the photographic practices of Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibé, as described in the video lecture? How so?)
  • What message(s) might the people in the photographs communicate to their viewers?