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7th edition APA formatted paper

7th edition APA formatted paper

Go back through the business press (Fortune, The Economist, BusinessWeek, and so forth and any other LIRN- based articles) and find at least three articles related to either downsizing, implementation of a new technology, or a merger or acquisition. In a minimum of four (4) pages in 7th edition APA formatted paper (sample attached) :

  1. What were the key frontline experiences listed in relation to your chosen change?
  2. How do they relate to those listed in Chapter 4 (Goodman & Dingli, 2nd ed.)? 
  3. Did you identify new ones confronting change managers?
  4. How would you prioritize these experiences? 
  5. Do any stand out as “deal breakers”? Why?
  6. What new insights into implementing this type of change emerge from this?

Blow is the article link that I found for this paper. Some of them I do have PDF copy (see attached)

1, Shoulberg, W. (2020, September 25). Macy’s, Target, Ikea And Others Are Getting Smaller Stores; Mall Operators Are Getting Worried. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenshoulberg/2020/09/23/stores-from-macys-target-ikea–others-are-getting-smaller-mall-operators-are-getting-worried/?sh=76216fc19ce8

This article talks about many well-known large-scale retail stores. For example, like Target, Macy’s, Ikea are doing downsizing. It’s started before the pandemic due to changes in consumer concepts. But Covid makes this happen faster.

2, Kelly, J. (2020, July 8). United Airlines Got Billions From The Government, Paid Executives Millions And Now Could Downsize Almost Half Of Its U.S. Workforce. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/07/08/united-airlines-got-billions-from-the-government-paid-executives-millions-and-now-could-downsize-almost-half-of-its-us-workforce/?sh=6ec1da716cba

This article describes United Airlines. After receiving billions of government relief funds. They still had to decide to lay off half of the staff in the US. The pandemic is one of the reasons, and the more important reason is that there are problems in the use and management of funds. Between 2014 and 2019, United Airlines spent $8.57billion to reclaim stock. These stocks used up about 80% of idle funds. If they were saved some money for today. They could have a better situation

3, Kelly, J. (2020b, October 2). Disney’s Bob Iger Quits Gavin Newsom’s Economic Recovery Task Force After California Restrictions ‘Exacerbated’ Pandemic Troubles. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/10/02/disneys-bob-iger-quits-gavin-newsoms-economic-recovery-task-force-after-california-restrictions-exacerbated-pandemic-troubles/?sh=2f92d74d2f1f

This article introduces. Influenced by the pandemic and government policies in California. Disney Park is considering reducing its employees by 26,000. Another California biggest automaker-Tesla failed to restart production. because they failed to reach out an agreement with public health officials. Not only that, but more companies also choose to leave California due to taxes and regulations

4, Kelly, J. (2020a, May 19). Uber Lays Off 3,500 Employees Over A Zoom Call—The Way In Which A Company Downsizes Its Staff Says A Lot About The Organization. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/05/13/uber-lays-off-3500-employees-over-a-zoom-call-the-way-in-which-a-company-downsizes-its-staff-says-a-lot-about-the-organization/?sh=4be30a607251

This article explains the challenges of Covid. Both Uber and Airbnb are downsizing. But the two companies did treat employees in completely different ways. Uber used the ZOOM call to inform their employees that they had been laid off. Airbnb took into account the situation of the employees and gave these laid-off employee’s severance pay and medical care.

5, Ezrati, M. (2020, May 26). Ominous News As The Economy Re-Opens. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/miltonezrati/2020/05/26/ominous-news-as-the-economy-re-opens/?sh=542464481537

This article points out that in the face of a pandemic and shut down. The initial idea of corporate managers was to resume operations as soon as possible. But as the isolation and closure continued. The business managers seem to have changed their views. They want to permanently shut down those inefficient facilities. The author of the article stated that this downsizing layoff would make economic recovery more difficult.

6, Kelly, J. (2021, January 6). HSBC Plans To Axe 10,000 Jobs—Bringing The Total To 60,000 Banking Employees Downsized Just This Year. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2019/10/07/hsbc-plans-to-axe-10000-jobsbringing-the-total-to-60000-banking-employees-downsized-just-this-year/?sh=3d1ec5ab4186

This article describes the downsizing and layoff of HSBC, JPMorgan, Chase, Wells Fargo, and some large European banks and why. The reasons are as follows: the development of automation and artificial intelligence has replaced some employees, and the economic recession caused by factors such as tariffs, trade wars, and Brexit. Let the bank’s managers be cautious

7, Loeb, W. (2018, September 17). Sears Downsizing Is Scary. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/walterloeb/2018/09/17/sears-downsizing-is-scary/?sh=6ec583fd3ac2

This article tells that Sears Holding was a very large retailer. However, many stores have been closed in recent years and the losses have been very serious. One of the reasons why their team does not understand millennials and Gen Z, customers. Although they are trying to recover their losses by restructuring the property. But this does not make Sears return to subversion

8, Damiani, J. (2020, April 23). Magic Leap Cuts Staff In Half In ‘New Course’ Restructuring Amid COVID-19 Downturn. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jessedamiani/2020/04/22/magic-leap-cuts-staff-in-half-in-new-course-restructuring-amid-covid-19-downturn/?sh=4c82791e185c

This article introduces a technology startup called Magic Leap downsize in response to the pandemic. They had to lay off about 1,000 employees for the company’s future considerations. The cost saved in this way can ensure their product delivery and expand market influence.