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500 words writing

500 words writing

my research question is: Why freedom of speech sometimes has a negative impact on society?

Assignment: Please turn in a 2‐page (500 word, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins) essay that addresses the following questions:

  1. What is your overall research question?
  2. What do you find interesting or compelling about this question? Why might others find it interesting? Or, why should they care about your research?
  3. What makes it theoretically relevant or important? 
  4. What do you want to learn as a result of pursuing this research? Why is it worth spending time to research this question? Why is it worth knowing?
  5. How will you research this topic? Where can you start?
  6. Name three sources you used to research your topic so far. They can be scholarly or popular and can include course readings.

Assignment Goals:

  • Learn how to identify a researchable issue, problem or question?
  • Explore various ways a question or problem can be framed. Consider what difference different framings might make.
  • Ultimately, this first assignment will help you refine your research question; guide you toward choosing two appropriate research methods to explore your research topic; give you a chance to get some early feedback; and help you make progress in your research and complete your final research proposal.