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Week 14

Week 14

As we wrap up our semester, think back on all the concepts, ideas, and ideologies we’ve learned about and dissected as you answer the following prompts:

A. We watched parts of Disclosure in class together, looking at media representation for trans folks and specifically trans folks of color. Reflect on the media you consumed growing up: did you see queer and trans folks? Did you see Black folks as dynamic characters? Did you see disabled folks? What do you think representation does for us and the construction of the identities we live with? 

B. In your own activist work/circles/interests (this could be work with your community, research you do, your job, work with an organization, online activism, etc etc), how do you see your new understandings of gender and sexuality emerging and intersecting? How do you envision your own activism shifting after this class, if at all (and it’s okay if not!)?  

C. What is one take-away from this class that you would share with others – your family, your friends, your community? It could be a term or concept we broke down together (i.e. intersectionality, misogynoir); it could be a method (i.e. letterwriting); it could be a basic idea (i.e. that gender and sex aren’t binary!). Why do you feel this is an important concept/method/idea to teach and learn? How might you work with others to better understand it?