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Week 1 Activity

Week 1 Activity

In the lecture this week, I discussed the concept of social location.  For this activity, write a 250 – 500 word reflection on your own social location. Discuss your own social location, and then elaborate on how your social location shapes the way you see the world. How does your social location impact how you interact with people? How might it affect how others see you? Has your social location shifted over time? If so, what accounts for those shifts? Give examples from your own experiences to show how your social location impacts your daily interactions and views about the world.

My social location is: Women, Asian, Chinese, middle class, undergraduate student, oversea student in US

Your Social Location Reflection is due by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 4th. 

Article: https://hazards.colorado.edu/news/director/the-ties-that-bind