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Viewpoint Diversity

Viewpoint Diversity



  1. Select an issue with      different mainstream viewpoints
    1. Something you’re       passionate about, current hot topic/political issue, “culture clash”
    2. If you’re having trouble       thinking of an issue, consult the following web site


  1. Pick which side of the      issue you agree with
    1. Your opinion cannot be       “neutral”. You must pick a side.
    2. If you’re having trouble       picking a side, choose a different issue that you have a strong opinion       of.
  2. Answer the questions below in a 2-3 page report (11 point font, double spaced).      Question text and citations are not counted towards the length.


1. What is the issue?

2. What is your belief/opinion on this issue?

3. What are the moral foundations underlying your viewpoint?

4. What is the opinion/belief of those who disagree with you on this issue? In other words, what is the other side’s argument? Include at least 1 citation.

5. Why do they have that stance? Include at least 1 citation.

6. What are the moral foundations underlying the “other” viewpoint?

7. What did you learn about yourself through this assignment?

8. Did your understanding of the opposing viewpoint shift? If so, in what way?

Important Tips:

● Be honest, open, and fair

● Challenge yourself and consider consulting resources you wouldn’t normally use. Sources should still be reputable or at least mainstream.

● Identify a good counter argument, not a caricature of the other side