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Teaching an Adolescent about Covid 19

Teaching an Adolescent about Covid 19

Teaching Plan (Individualized Client Teaching) RUBRIC

Comprehensive Assessment: Clear and concise discussion of client’s admission diagnosis, demographic data, and anticipated learning needs.

Nursing Diagnosis: Clear and comprehensive client assessment data to support a deficient knowledge nursing diagnosis

Client Learning Needs Assessment: Clear and complete assessment of learner (client /family), teaching needs, and special learning needs, if present.

Clients Strengths and Weakness for Learning: Clear identification of client’s strengths and weaknesses relevant to learning needs.

Introductions: Open and closing remarks that capture the client’s attention. Includes a clear and correct statement of 2 teaching objectives.

Handout/Brochure: Clear and organized presentation of evidence-based client teaching in appropriate reading level and understanding for the patient.

Body Language: Direct eye contact and appropriate gestures/movements during teaching. Relax, self-confident nature, and no mistake during teaching. 

Voice: Use of clear speech and inflection, maintains the interest of the learner

Teaching/Learning Evaluation: Clear/appropriate evaluation of client’s response and effectiveness/ineffectiveness of teaching.

Reflective Analysis: Reflective analysis of teaching including discussion of strengths and weaknesses

3-4 pages