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Spss gradpack

Spss gradpack

You will take part in several dataanalysis assignments in which you will develop a report using tables andfigures from the IBM SPSS® output file of your results. Using theresources and readings provided, you will interpret these results and test thehypotheses and writeup these interpretations.




·       Copyand paste all tables and figures into a Word document and format the results inAPA 7th edition

·       Interpretyour results.

·       Finalreport should be formatted using APA style, and in a Word document.

·       4-5double-spaced pages of content in length (not counting the title page orreferences).



For this week’s assignment, selectthe eight demographic variables and then select ten (10) of the 71 questionsand report the frequency and descriptive statistics results withinterpretations.

1.     Thefirst assignment uses the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (Federal Employee Survey 2018. sav). 

2.     Copythe data file onto your computer’s hard drive. It will not run from the course site.

3.     Clickon the IBM SPSS® icon on your computer desktop. 

4.     Whenit opens, select File, Open, and find the file named Federal Employee Survey 2018

5.     Clickon it to open. 

6.     Rundescriptive statistics (frequency tables only) on the demographic variables(first eight variables). 

7.     Forvariables Q 1 through Q 71, perform frequency tables and run descriptivestatistics: mean, median, and standard deviation. 

8.     Copyand paste all tables into a Word document and format the results in APA. Thetables from IBM SPSS® can be edited in Word. The figures are copyand pasted as pictures and cannot be edited in Word.  They can be edited in IBM SPSS®.  See Cronk page 47-48 and provided resources thisweek.