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 The job I would like upon graduation is a public relations representative for and sports agency.

For this part of the Job Acquisition Project, you will be creating your resume to highlight the skills, experience, and education you have. You will complete this assignment using Microsoft Word. Be sure you have read and studied the information in your textbook on “Customizing Your Resume.” This begins on page 576.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Use this template,  Resume Template.docx, to create your resume. Major points will be deducted if you use a different template or no template. 
  2. When you click on the Resume Template link above in Step 1, Microsoft Word will launch, and the Resume Template will open.
  3. Use this template and ONLY this template to complete this assignment.
  4. Ten points will be deducted if you DON’T use the template given to you.
  5. Once the template is open, edit the heading information with your full name, address, etc.
  6. Click File, Save As, and save this assignment using the filename Resume – Your first and last name.  Five points will be deducted if you use a different filename.
  7. Using the template on your screen, input your resume information and incorporate the following requirements.
  8. Include a Career Objective that would be appropriate for the job you would like to have when you graduate from VSU.  
    1. In this class, we have many different majors interested in many different careers.
    2. Read the Career Objective suggestions on page 578 of our textbook to help you to word your objective correctly.  
    3. Save again.
  9. In the Education section of this template, list your college work first.
    1. Make sure you list your correct degree and your correct major that you will receive from VSU.   
    2. Five points will be deducted if you don’t list the exact, correct degree and major.
    3. If you aren’t sure what the exact wording is for your degree, look it up on Banner on your transcript.  It will be listed at the top before your classes and grades. This is one of the most common errors made in resumes.
  10. If you received any academic awards or athletic/music/performance type awards, list those in the bulleted list
    1. Remember, this resume is an opportunity for you to showcase what you have been doing for the past five to ten years of your life.
    2. If your GPA is higher than 3.0, add that to the list
    3. If you don’t need all three bullets, delete the third one.
    4. If you need more bullets, press enter, and you will get another bullet.
  11. List your high school information next.
    1. If you received any academic/athletic/music/performance type awards, list those in the bulleted list.
    2. If you don’t need all three bullets, delete the third one.
    3. If you need more, press enter.
    4. Save again.
  12. In the Experience section of the template, list the job(s) you have presently and then the ones you have had in the past. List the most recent job first.
    1. List two others in backwards chronological order.
    2. If you don’t have two others, delete the third set of Experience information
    3. When listing the job duties for a job that you are working right now, use present tense verbs.  For example, Filing invoices, Serving customers, etc.
    4. When listing the job duties for a job that you had in the past, use past-tense verbs.  For example, Filed invoices, Served customers, etc.
    5. Use parallel construction with your bulleted list.  This means to begin each bullet with the same type of word.  Begin your bulleted list with verbs or begin your bulleted list with nouns, but always be consistent
    6. See Figure 15.8–Action Verbs for Powerful Resumes on page 580 for suggestions.
    7. Save again.
  13. Leave the References section as it is.
  14. Try to fit all of your resume on one page; however, if it breaks to a second page, make sure you carry over information that goes together.
  15. Because resumes with even one minor spelling error will most likely land in a trash can somewhere, you must proofread carefully and correct ALL errors before submitting this resume.
  16. Before attaching and submitting this to me, print your resume and make sure it is attractive and sends the image you would like for people to see.  Make any necessary corrections.  
  17. Save again, close your document, and close MS Word.
  18. You will submit your resume in DropBox.
  19. Scroll back up to the top of the BlazeView screen and locate the Assessments menu.
  20. Click Assessment and locate DropBox.
  21. Click DropBox, and you will be taken to the DropBox window.
  22. Locate the Resume assignment and click it.
  23. Submit your final Resume here. 
  24. This assignment is worth 40 points and is part of the Job Acquisition Project (100 total points).