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Project Management

Project Management


ACME is a large US accounting firm based out of New York (NY) with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New York, and Los Angles. Your team has been hired as external consultants to help ACME upgrade their existing enterprise accounting system from a legacy version to the most updated version X available in the market and also implement a analytics reporting tool. Please note that currently all offices are running version 3 which is approaching the end of support from application vendor and LA running on an unsupported version 2 platform

Your high level capital budget is $4,500,000 and operating budget of $2,000,000. Your project is to be delivered by August 30th 2022.

Your objective is to provide a sound vision on your high level approach to the management of the project, without trying to go into too much detail, since at this stage of project life cycle you won’t have too much specific information available to you. 

· A little information on your team

· Project Approach

· Any high level risks

· Any high level assumptions 

· Your high level communication and engagement plan

· Key dependencies

· Approach to staying within the allocated time, scope, and budget