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Programming with C++

Programming with C++


1-   Silvia’s Pizzeria sells four different sizes of pizzas: small, medium, large, and family. The manager of the pizzeria wants a program that displays the total number of pizzas sold, as well as the percentage of the total number contributed by each different size.

 a.  Using the chart shown earlier in Figure 4-12 as a guide, enter the input, processing, and output items, as well as the algorithm, in the first column. 

b.  Desk-check the algorithm twice. For the first desk-check, use 25, 50, 50, and 75 as the numbers of small, medium, large, and family pizzas. For the second desk-check, use 30, 25, 85, and 73. Record the percentages with one decimal place. 

c.  Enter the C++ instructions in the second column of the chart, and then desk-check the program using the same data used to desk-check the algorithm. 

d.  If necessary, create a new project named Intermediate14 Project, and save it in the Cpp8Chap04 folder. Enter your C++ instructions into a source file named Intermediate14.cpp. Also enter appropriate comments and any additional instructions required by the compiler. Test the program using the same data used to desk-check the program. 

 Save your document with the name pizza followed by your initials(fdl). Example pizzal-fdl.cpp