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production management

production management



· individual Task

· Two cases (see below)


·  Two (2) Word file report

· Around 1.000 words each

· Font: Arial 12,5 pts. 

· Text alignment: Justified. 

Company NEMFEN is located in Barcelona. They design and manufacture high-tech LED lighting. The company is family owned (Pedro García, owner) exporting 70% of their production to 20 different countries all over the world.
Products are usually customized considering different design requirements, voltage, frequency as well other electrical parameters.
Quality control has been implemented at the end of the production process. Each and every component is dimensionally and electrically checked by one employee separating out the wrong units. During the last 3 years , sales have experienced a dramatic growth. However, rejections have also increased from 0,5% up to 1,5% of the total production.
Cristina García, owner´s daughter has recently graduated at the EU Business School. She has joined the Company with the main task of improving quality ratios.

1. From your point of view, which are the main weaknesses of the existing quality control process?
2. If you were Cristina, in order to improve the Quality Control process and the performance indicators of the Company?

· Which changes should you implement in terms of quality control?

· Which quality systems should you put in practice?



Company “Premium Paper” is located near Paris. The design and print paper for furniture applications (usually called melamine paper). Production process consists on printing raw paper. Raw paper is delivered in big rolls (700 Kgs). Production process is done in multi-stage printing machines. Each stage of the machine contains an engraved cylinder and ink. Paper runs on the different stages and the combination of all of them provides the final printed paper.
Set up times in these machines are very long (3/4 hours). This means that every time the process is stopped because of any technical issue, the costs can be enormous.
Premium paper has 6 printing lines (3 “Stoner” Machines , 2 “Rotomec” Machines and 1 “Grimaldi” Machine (the oldest one)

Premium Paper has a highly experienced maintenance team. Every time a machine suffers a breakdown they run and try to fix it as soon as possible. However due to some unexpected failures and lack of spare parts, “Premium Paper” is suffering very serious productivity problems.

· How should you define the maintenance process?

· Which changes should you implement in terms of maintenance?

· Which recommendations should you address to the Top Management with respect the machines park?

Submission: SUNDAY 11th APRIL 2021, 23:59HRS ON MOODLE

Weight: Resit – worth 100% of the overall grade – Please remember resits are capped at 70%