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This lab will explore several related aspects of light refraction.

Everyone knows that a strong magnifying glass can concentrate rays of the sun onto a point and potentially start a fire or at least scorch wood or paper.  But some people have asked Internet help sites if they need to worry about where they hang a wind chime or ornament with a sphere of glass that dangles in the sun.  Could sunlight shining through the glass sphere concentrate rays of light and set curtains on fire?

The answer is possible yes if you consider the following news story from Washington State back in 2009.

Before you begin, be sure to review the following resources:

 Dogs’ water bowl may be cause of fire in Bellevue | The Seattle Times 



Refraction occurs when a wave arrives at an interface which causes the ray to slow down or speed up.  When it arrives at an oblique angle, the direction changes based on whether the ray slows down or speeds up.  

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