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Peers Introduction 1

Peers Introduction 1

 Look for peers with similar degree programs, career interests, and/or locations. Be sure to discuss with them any shared challenges in searching for information or similar experiences using information. 



I am Melinda. I am originally from Romania. I was born in a little town there and was placed in an orphanage shortly after I was born. I lived in an orphanage up until I was 8. I was adopted by an amazing, loving family and became a U.S. citizen shortly after. I currently live in Texas. I love cleaning, organizing, cooking, and reading articles on health and nutrition for fun.

I am with Ashford University because I am seeking a Bachelors’s degree in Child Development. I currently work at an Air Force base Child Development Center. I chose this degree because I love children. I love watching them grow and learn new things and also learning from them. Once I have my degree, I plan to become a Curriculum and Training Instructor, Child Development Director, and then a Flight Chief.

I have searched for information to decide if I wanted to move to New York for a dream career opportunity. After researching and looking at the pros and cons of moving there, I decided to stay here and Texas and not move to New York. One of the major reasons I decided to stay here in Texas was the cost of living is so much better here, and I also like the smaller city environment and was not ready to move to a big city like New York.

My preferred methods of finding information are using the internet as well as networking. Searching for information on the internet can be very useful if you do it carefully and look at different articles and not just sticking to one and basing your decision on that. Also, when you network with people and ask them about the pros and cons and basing the information you get from them and your research, it can be beneficial in making your decision.