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Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality

 For this assignment, you are going to respond to TWO questions as though you are writing an advice column on sex and relationships (for those of you who are not clear what an advice column is think of Reddit with people posting questions but only one person answering who is actually informed on the subject). You will be required to support each response with sources and citations. Responses will be graded for content, writing style, and attention to grammar. Answers should be double spaced and in doc.

 (Note: Questions are intentionally gender-neutral. You are free to assign a gender for the purpose of the question if it makes it easier to answer).

1. I have a pretty healthy sex life and hook up every now and then. I know how important it is to get consent when I am going to do anything, but it always feels super awkward to always be asking “can I touch you? Can I kiss you?” How can I make this more comfortable for me and for the person I am with and not make it feel so weird all the time? 

2.My partner really loves giving oral sex, but I am super self-conscious about how I look and smell. When they are performing oral sex, I am so stressed out about anything being too gross that I can never enjoy myself.  It is starting to be a problem in our relationship. What can I do?