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GUI Features

GUI Features


In this assignment, we will make changes to our previous programs  based on what we have learned. Write a Java application program to  calculate property tax. Your program should have the following  functions:

  1. Prompt users for the number of properties.
  2. Prompt users for property tax.
  3. Prompt users to input the value for each property
  4. Calculate the TOTAL amount of all property tax combined
  5. User must press “E” to terminate the program.

Hint: one dimensional array is sufficient for this program, assuming  all properties are in the same city, hence, the property tax is the  same.

You will also need to write pseudo code for this assignment. 

 Assignment Expectations

Using your knowledge of arrays, repetition statement, selection  statement, and other Java fundamentals, write a property tax calculator  program. The following items will be assessed in particular:

  1. Arrays used in the program.
  2. GUI feature used to allow users interaction.
  3. Whether the program has bugs.

Upload a screen shot of your program and the output