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Respond to student post be constructive and professional with responses.

Sarah Vaugh post

Reality therapy is different than other therapy approaches because the client is in a way forced to take ownership and responsibility for whatever it is that’s causing their issues. The therapist asks questions about what their needs are and questions what they’re doing and how they think they can accomplish their goal. This is what is called the choice theory. The role of the client/therapist is to show support, that they understand what the client is saying, show empathy, connect, and find solutions by allowing the client to think for themselves and make the choice of following through or not.

When talking to Todd, I could see that he was very open to discussing everything the therapist was asking and he wasn’t resistant to any questions. He listened and allowed himself to think about how he was going to answer her. He seems very open to her ideas on how to get him out of his cave and having a social circle again. He also didn’t have a problem saying he had never thought of some of the things she was making him come up with.

Some goals I’d want for Todd would be to find some groups that interest him and join them, to attend them as often as he can without jeopardizing his schooling or time with his son. Once he spends more time with the group(s), I’d like him to make at least a couple connections and spend time getting to know his new connections so he can form friendships. It sounds like his biggest complaint is not having enough adult socialization in his life like he used to.

Making a plan and following through with it is extremely important. It’s nice to have thoughts of goals and ways of achieving them, but the goal will never be met if actions are not put into place. It’s easier to organize thoughts and goals if there are plans in place to follow through with them. It also holds the client accountable for the outcome of their therapy.

Barbara post


The Key Characteristics that are  distinguished here is responsibility, commitment, involvement, Self-Evaluation.  These are more key in reality therapy cause it puts the person more in check quick with what there needs are.  Rather then someone who needs more therapy and answers to get to another level on there own, at another point in time. 

The role that the therapist is using WDEP system.  This is where the client is aware of his own behaviors, actions and can make a plan using the therapist questions. It will help the client gain more perspective to what he is looking for.

I see a big advantage focusing on Tod’s behavior because he stated that he is a cave dweller.  Now asking Tod what he wants or even what he would like to see about getting out of his house would benefit him to realize that there is other options available.  Tod needs to realize that its more in front of him than he thinks.  He needed to help himself find ways to get out of the house and feel that it has a purpose for him.

Some Techniques that are used is the Key questions that she asked.  “‘What do you want”?  Self Evaluation after that question was a technique used as well. The value judgments he used in his self evaluation was important for the techniques to work. No excuses would be another technique when he mentioned that he was a cave dweller and never left home.

My goal I would have in mind for Todd is a List of things that can get him out of the house.  Maybe joining a gym, going back to the VET and see what kind of groups they have for him to join in on, maybe get a fishing license and make a hobby for himself.  I would try to put a timeline on the list and give Todd the responsibility to complete this time line by then.  Then maybe discussing how this works, worked for him when the time is up.  Discuss how going forward he could keep these new things going or make new ones happen.  Maybe Todd will have more opportunity’s that he discovered along his way to talk about. 

It’s very important to making a plan that Todd wants cause it’s what Todd needs in the moment.  Depression is not fun and can seep in if he got to comfortable at home and didn’t seek help to find alternatives. Laziness can cause health issues for long term and that would mot be good for Todd or his family.  Always having the self evaluation with himself is defiantly important as well.  it will keep him in check and learn as he goes along with what he needs to do or change to do going forward.

Cathia post


The health of people in my community is average. People are neither comfortable nor frequently complaining. One thing that I surely know about health in my community is that accessing care is one of the most challenging things. Being a community filled with Blacks, health care services have been limited for a long time now. When an individual is sick, they might never even get diagnosed just because of their race. In case an individual gets diagnosed, treatment becomes another problem. The healthcare centers in my community have poor equipment, fewer medications, and very few health officials. As much as the government should be responsible for the healthcare centers’ conditions, I also think we as community members require change. As a community, I think the best transformation will begin with us being united. When we are united, we can make changes to our healthcare by electing our own leaders who will fight for our rights. At the societal level, we should also encourage education among the young so that they will help change society in the near future. In the past five weeks, I have learned a lot about society, its members, and how they interact. Therefore, I will call upon everyone through churches and encourage them to unite and fight our health issues. 

With Ryan and Melissa post assess the problem-solving strategies given. What new information would complicate the answer in the initial post? What would change the dynamics of this problem?  write out your strategy for how you will solve the task/problem. What other information is needed that is not included in the problem information? What do you have to consider in terms of cost? 

Here is the problem information

  1. You are updating your living room floor with a newer, more durable wood laminate. The cost is $1.50 per square foot.

Ryan post

In order to find how much the new wood will cost you first need to find the measurements of the living room. The area of the room in square feet, for example a length of 27 multiplied by a width of 20. Once you find the measurement which would be 540 square feet you simply times it by the amount per square foot or in the case $1.50  in order to get your final answer. So the amount would be $810 per square foot for the remodeled living room.

Melissa post


First, we measured the room. The room measured 24ft x 20ft.  Multiplying those two numbers together, the total square footage of our room was 480sqft. With the flooring that costs $1.50sq ft, our total cost for the living room project would be $720.00. Other things to consider are trim and any transition pieces from one room to another. That could add more to the total cost of the new floor.