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 Brandy post

The two mass media that I choose were social media and television reason being is that dealing with social media you have some many different sites that you can actually socialize and talk to and meet different people and find different games and things so their are alot if things that can be done with social media but like me I am 38 and I finally have a Facebook page and Instagram but the things is that I didnt know about any of them until like my 30’s and my kids and younger friends had to hip me to that. With television you had different channels and things you could watch when you were a kid that you can’t really watch know unless your on wifi and those were the best channels ever that your grandma made sure you watched. Compared to the things our kids watch know like they are so terrible know days that I will actually make my kids watch what I use to when I was a kid and they actually sit and watch it. So both of these to mass media influence me because what we watch and read on the media is so much different than when I was a kid 

Parris post


The type of mass media that has evolved the most during my lifetime has to be social media. It all started with Myspace where you could visit your friends and families page and see how they personalized their page. Facebook later came out around 4 years later where you could post statuses and pictures. It quickly became popular due to the fact that you could react to the posts and pictures. Now we have Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram that takes up most of our days. I have been personally influenced by these apps because of how addicting they are. They make time go by quicker and with phones being so popular and high tech you have social media at your fingertips at all time. After years of using social media I have found that it is second nature for me to grab my phone and go to instagram first thing in the morning out of habit. Social Media has affected my friends in a positive way, but also in a negative way. Because of the popularity of social media you can now market your business and reach so many more people that you wouldnt have been able to reach. But social media also makes it harder on relationships. I have seen a lot of friends and family go through breakups due to social media.