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Final project (10a)

Final project (10a)

So, in the face to face version of this class, we spend a good amount of time (and a good amount of points) doing service learning projects – those that help both locally and internationally. Because of the virtual nature of the class this quarter (and because many organizations aren’t accepting volunteers during COVID times,) we weren’t able to do any this quarter. It’s really too bad, but I’m hoping by doing a project researching organizations and solutions and sharing your findings in a short presentation, that you’ll still be able to get some ideas of ways that we can help!!

With that said, for your final project, you will create a PowerPoint presentation (10+ slides.) The final project includes choosing a global health ‘issue’/problem and highlighting an organization that is working to solve the problem. Ideas/suggestions for issues and organizations can be found below. 

Your PowerPoint should include all of the following:

1. – A summary of the issue that you are researching – including background and history information and the scale of the problem. You will need to have at least 2 sources (besides the organization’s website) to back this up – and don’t forget to include the references!

2. – Information on your chosen organization – you will need to include the following;  The background of the organization, its mission/goal, source of financing, where the headquarters are located and which world region(s) it serves. You should also identify what type of organization it is – is it an NGO? Is it faith based? Is it more of a grassroots or a top-down organization?

3. – How the chosen organization is tackling the issue. What are the specifics of the program? How do they go about finding the solution?   Is the solution sustainable? Does it aim to solve a narrow problem or a broader issue? Is it proving to be successful? What are the challenges (if any) the organization is facing while trying to roll out the program?

4. – Conclusion along with your own thoughts on the organization and how they are doing… Would you recommend the organization as a good one to volunteer with or donate to? Why or why not?

Suggestions for Issues and organizations — There are many, many issues to choose from and you are welcome to come up with your own, but I will give you a few ideas here. I want you to choose a narrow, solvable issue rather than trying to tackle a whole broad category (for example, instead of choosing ‘women’s rights’ – very broad- you could choose ‘increasing access to education for girls’ or ‘improving maternal mortality outcomes…’  In the course work, we looked at some organizations tackling very specific issues like surgically repairing fistulas or making biodegradable sanitary pads for girls. If you find an organization doing very specific work, you can really narrow down your ‘issue.’ Below are a few broad issues and topics (to be narrowed down by you) and some suggested organizations to get you started. This is by no means an exhaustive list and you are welcome to choose your own issue and/or organization- as long as it relates to this course. Organizations can be local, national or international.  I would love to learn about some new organizations – especially local ones! Also, you are welcome to take on issues currently in the news – like finding organizations that are finding solutions to police brutality, racism in America, etc. You are welcome to contact me with any questions you might have!

Poverty/Inequality/Homelessness – Union Gospel Mission, ONE, Childfund International, Bread for the World, KIVA, First Place School (Seattle,)

Women’s and children’s rights- Malala Fund, UNICEF, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, Empowering Women Period, Girl Rising, Amnesty International

FGM – 28 Too Many, Desert Flower Foundation, Women for Women, FORWARD

HIV/AIDS – Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Babes Network, UNAIDS, DATA, AVERT, Global AIDS Network

Basic health concerns – CARE, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, Wikimedical, Ashoka, World Vision, Acumen, International Medical Corps, Clinton Health Initiative, Doctors Without Borders (Medicin Sans Frontiers,) PATH, Nothing but Nets

Food Security – Heifer International, Action Against Hunger, Northwest Harvest, Tilth Alliance, local food banks, Highline Food Pantry

Sustainability – Story of Stuff, Earthcorps, Youth for Global Health and Social Justice,

Slavery – Genesis Project, Polaris Project, International Rescue Committee, International Justice Mission, Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking, 

Refugee Issues – UN High Commission for Refugees (and I’ll bet that you can find some really good US based grassroots organizations dealing with our current immigration issues.)

It would also be super interesting if you could find organizations dealing with COVID-19 issues (providing PPE for doctors, etc.) or the racial issues that our country has been facing…

RUBRIC CAN BE FOUND HERE — finalpresentationrubricnooral.docx