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Using the provided data set, you will generate descriptive statistics, data visuals, and a summary of your analysis. The data for this assignment is simulated data from a hypothetical web-based survey design. Subjects in this study were graduate psychology students. Subjects’ email addresses were randomly selected from a random sample of universities in the United States.

Remember, this is a data set for which you were not one of the primary researchers.

enlightenedUse descriptive and inferential statistics to test the following hypotheses and research question:

  1. For U.S. psychology majors, younger students are healthier than older students.
  2. There is no difference between men and women on aggression.
  3. Is there a relationship between personality and life satisfaction?

For each of the above:

  • Identify the type of statistical procedures used to test the hypothesis and why you selected this procedure
    • For example: A Pearson correlation was conducted to determine the relationship between height and weight.
  • State the result of the procedure- was there a significant finding?
    • For example: There is a significant positive correlation between height and weight (r =.91, p <.05).
  • Provide an interpretation of the result and clearly explain what these findings mean (350-400 words)
    • For example: For this sample, the taller someone is the heavier he or she will be

Next, choose one of your findings and create a data visual (e.g., graph) to accompany your results.

Use Sheet 2 from the Excel spreadsheet for this part.

If you are running an actual analysis (using SPSS, for example) then use Sheet 1.

Your graph should depict the result you have chosen. Ensure that your graph contains the following:

  • A title
  • Labels on each axis
  • A legend or labels on the data points
  • A brief explanation that tells the reader how to look at the graph and interpret your findings

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