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Lake Point Consulting Services

Lake Point Consulting Services (LPCS) provides security consulting and assurance services to over 500 clients across a wide range of enterprises in more than 20 states. A new initiative at LPCS is for each of its seven regional offices to provide internships to students who are in their final year of the security degree program at the local college.

National Meteorological Services (NMS) offers in-depth weather forecasting services to airlines, trucking firms, event planners, and other organizations that need the latest and most accurate weather forecasting services. NMS has discovered that their forecast information, which was being sent out as email attachments to its customers, was being freely distributed without NMS’s permission, and in some instances, was being resold by their competitors.NMS wants to look into encrypting these weather forecast documents, but is concerned that its customers may find decrypting the documents cumbersome. The company also wants to provide to their customers a level of assurance that these documents originate from NMS and have not been tampered with. NMS has asked LPSC to make a presentation about different solutions, and BPSC has asked you to help them prepare it.

  1. Write a paper about encryption and the different types of encryption. Include the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  2. Include your recommendation regarding meeting their needs for encryption, and
  3. Create a memo communicating the actions you believe would be best for the company to take.