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Competency Self-Assessment

Competency Self-Assessment

 please complete the Competency Self-Assessment table provided for the specialization track (PMHNP). The table includes the NONPF core competency in the first column and the population-specific competency in the second column.

For this assignment, you are to review the population-specific competencies from NONPF, reviewing the curriculum content column (far right) of that document (located in Instructional Materials). In your review of that information, please indicate examples in column three of the self-assessment table of coursework, clinical, or experiences that moved you toward attainment of that competency while in your program. In the fourth column, please indicate areas you need to further develop or have further exposure to, based on the curriculum content identified in the NONPF document, where applicable (see competency example LINK)

Using the information from the last module on the issues identified by your state professional organization advocacy team, write one letter to one of your members of the U.S. Congress (national level) and a letter to one of your state legislators (state or local level).

The assignment requires two letters, one written to a national representative in respect to a national issue and one written to a state/local representative in respect to a local issue.