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Business Plan/Proposal

Business Plan/Proposal

I need a business plan/proposal for a start-up organization.  It is a non-profit, faith-based organization. The cost of service is sliding scale based or none at at all, insurance is not necessary but helpful. , We will accept ALL clients with or without money.  Long term goal is to have a housing facility.

I need a full business plan.  A lean start up plan is perfect.  I can add as I need to but a traditional plan is great as well, (I can use them both).  This is for an actual organization I am trying to get started.

We will counsel all.  Life coach is the niche.  I need this by Wednesday, I have a meeting with an investor on Friday but I need to go over with a fine tooth comb what you send me.

This is URGENT and extremely important.  PLEASE, do not accept a bid if you cannot perform the task.  

It must be a PowerPoint presentation with notes.  I do n ot need the title page but I do need the TOC and the body.

I am sending you a copy of a business plan that I have and I need you to make the necessary adjustments.  I need you to use your professional imagination and provide me with what I need for this BP/P as if it were your  start up company.  I will provide you with my number if you have any questions.

I do not have the time to go back and forth and trying to get my money back because you failed to provide what is needed, at the same time I have no problem with paying or tipping for a job well done.  This is about my livelihood, and the direction and support of so many people that need help but cannot get it because either they do not have the money but the counselor has no idea what this person is going through, so they cannot receive what that counselor is saying because it is only book knowledge.  What separates Lift Him U, is that the counselor that will be working with the client will actually have experienced and rose up and can now counsel the client with the stronghold the client is now going through.

PLEASE if you have any questions or need any more insight, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  This is of the utmost importance and I will go through each slide with a magnifying glass and go over it over and over again.  It must be perfect, no mistakes allowed.  This is an ACTUAL presentation.