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business enterprise

business enterprise


 Your consulting company has been hired to design and implement a network for a small to mid-sized vertically integrated sales and manufacturing company with about 75 employees and 40 PC’s.  They have provided you with the following requirements:  

• Central Domain Structure including the design of the OUs for management of workstations and users should be developed based on the Company organizational chart provided. • Group Policies configured to support the following • Encrypted files on clients with appropriate recovery setup • Setup File Shares with appropriate permissions based on the AD structure you configured.   o Departments should each have a shared location accessible only to that department’s users to store files. • Configure a central update server with appropriate groups and enableconfigure client side targeting • Configure Roaming Profiles for the users along with folder redirection for key folders to help with login times, ensure the security settings are correct on these folders so as to prevent other users from being able to access a profile that is not theirs. o Redirected folders should include Documents, Desktop, and Favorites • Setup DNS in your environment as needed. • Develop a plan for future DHCP Configuration, it is not necessary to implement this. • Setup and configure a print server to share printers with appropriate permissions o The CEO doesn’t like to wait behind others when he prints and expects you to provide a solution o There needs to be a way to control who can print to the color printer. • You should also include a recommended backup and recovery plan but you do not have to implement this. • They would like a secure solution for Remote Access to allow employees to access applications from either a personal device or when traveling with a work device. 

For your final deliverables of this project you will submit complete documentation of your proof of concept environment and the plans detailed in the requirements document.  This documentation should be complete technical documentation with enough detail to allow the reader to reproduce your solution and understand why you made the configuration selections you did.   There are some articles and tips linked in the Course Resources section on how to write successful documentation.

For your presentation you will provide a business targeted video presentation of how you addressed their requirements.   This presentation should include some sort of visual aidshandouts and should not be overly technical in nature.   Your presentation should be between 5 to 10 minutes long and you need to make sure to include any background information or assumptions that you needed even if the items do not directly correlate to a requirement.