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BUSA 4126

BUSA 4126



thank you for starting this assignment for me. Instructions are listed below:

  1. Open the PDF attachment labeled ‘Project Overview’ there you will scroll down to page 3 ‘Written Audit Analysis& Oral Presentation (Team of Five)
  2. Review the Green part and complete the necessary information in the form of an APA style paper
  3. The green part has to be 7-8 pages long NO- LESS!!
  4. Please be sure to thoroughly go into details to explain your findings
  5. Have 3-5 Cited sources as well as in-text citations(& please include a work cited page)
  6. Be sure to construct an ACTUAL External Factor Matrix & COMPETITIVE Profile Matrix and like I mentioned before please explain in detail each factor!!
  7. For the EFE do 5 threats and 5 opportunities 
  8. This Paper will be submitted to www.Turnitin.com so please do not plagiarize!! This should be authentic work!! 
  9. If you have any questions please message me!! I want this paper perfect! and if I need to message you to add on something I will let you know!
  10. And please use updated information, the link below is a 2019 10-K Report for JetBlue
  11. I’ve also included some work that I’ve done so far if you want to include some of that information (attachment name: ‘Project Module 1’

The company:

  • JetBlue Airlines 

Helpful Links (but you may use other Credible Sources):