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Bone Discussion Board

Bone Discussion Board

Introduction: A bone is a rigid organ that constitutes part of the skeleton in vertebrate animals. Bones provide structure and support for the body, enable mobility, protect the various organs of the body, house bone marrow producing red and white blood cells and platelets, and store minerals. Therefore, bone injuries present a serious condition for an individual.

For this discussion post, you should pick a journal article from our National University Library, to explore the nature of bone injuries. Your post should include a discussion of one type of bone fracture (e.g., Greenstick, Transverse, Spiral, Oblique, and Compression) as a result of some type of unfortunate event. Some examples are common types of bone injuries resulting from sports activities such as skateboarding or scootering.

In your post, please address the following questions related to the bone injury of your choice:

  1. How did the bone injury occur?
  2. What type of fracture occurred?
  3. What is the most common cause of that fracture?
  4. How does endochondral ossification lead to fracture healing?
  5. What are some new technologies that are available to speed up bone repair?