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 Blockchain (application of block chain in supply chain management) 


The following steps should be embedded to your project report: 

[1] Review/introduce the technology 

[2] Which aspects of supply chain (e.g. stages, functions, activities) are mostly affected by technology. How sever is the impact (strategic, tactical, operational level)? How early the technology will be implemented in SC? 

[3] Examples of successful implementation of technology. 

[4] Challenges and benefits (if you have not covered it in [1]) 

[5] Your recommendation for future. 

Items to be included in the written report: 

• Each report should address the course content as much as possible. 

(Application of new technology in Supply Chain Management)

• The projects should be concluded with challenges and opportunities for selected supply chain(s). 

• The projects should provide future directions in the selected topic(s). 

• A good report should use several sources and references. 

• There is no page limit for the report; however, the report can be between 12-15 pages and 

Using bullets is preferred rather than long sentences