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Assignment #1: Essay

Assignment #1: Essay

Due in 24 hours. No Plagiarism.   

In a 4-5 page paper, compare and contrast with the ways that college life and college students are represented on film, in television, and in other forms of popular culture with your own experience and with that of your peers.  In other words, in what ways does mediated culture capture and misrepresent your own experience. Make sure you offer a clear argument, highlight specific examples from your own experience/popular culture, and otherwise reflect on the significance of the types of representations offered within popular culture.  This may result in a discussion of the hyper obsession with party culture within popular culture; it may lead to a discussion of the ways that race or class is presented within media culture in comparison to your own experiences.  Whatever the focus, the key is to offer critical analysis of popular culture representations of university life not only in comparison to your own experience but in a way that reflects on what stories are being told and what isn’t being narrated within popular discourses.

Grading breakdown is as follows:

· 7 points – Clear argument, focus, and comparison 

· 4 points – Incorporation of specifics from films/television shows 

· 3 points – Evidence of critical thinking 

· 3 points – Overall Effort 

which makes for a possible total of seventeen (17) points.