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algebra project

algebra project


Math 1314 Core Assignment Quantitative Literacy


You will be creating a technical document.  It should illustrate your use of math, technology, graphs and communication skills.

Your document will contain two scenarios, both utilizing exponential functions and their graphs: Part I Exponential Growth and Part II Exponential Decay

In each scenario, you will create a representation with the help of Microsoft Excel to generate a graph, which will display your information from some real-world time oriented data.  


Start with creating a document in Microsoft Word

Use the following heading:

Math 1314 College Algebra

Core Assignment Quantitative Literacy

Student’s name

Data Trend Assignment

Part I Exponential Growth

Use the Internet to find some data of exponential growth.

Examples of exponential growth might include disease spread in a population (Corona virus statistics in a country or state), the change in a country’s population, the world population, the rising cost of home prices in our nation, etc.

  1. Your report must include data values.
  2. Your report must include a graph.
  • The graph must contain plotted points of your data.
  • The best fit exponential equation (generated by Excel or developed algebraically)
  • Title for the graph and labels for horizontal and vertical axes.
  1. You must give a verbal description of the information presented in your graph.
  • Explain what the data is measuring and the unit of time that is used (days, months, years, and hours)
  • You must include a description of how the values change (as a %) for your given unit of time.
  1. You must use the equation found in step 2 to make a numerical prediction of a future data value beyond your data set.
  • You need to substitute a value for time into your equation to make your prediction and explain. 
  1. Cite your sources.

Part II Exponential Decay

(Repeat the 5-step process from Part I)

Examples of exponential decay might include the decreasing value of a purchased and aging vehicle.  Radioactive decay is another example. You may use the following websites for data nadaguides.com or Kbb.com


  1. Data Values: 10 points each, Part I & Part II
  2. Graph and equation: 15 points each, Part I & Part II
  3. Verbal Description: 10 points each, Part I and Part II
  4. Numerical Prediction 10 points each, Part I & Part II
  5. Data Source: 5 points each, Part I & Part II

Total: 100 points