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African American Literature (…)

African American Literature (…)

Respond to these three. Be sure to use details and examples directly from the readings, lecture materials, class discussions, etc. to support your statements. Your responses should be numbered and should include the question. Be detailed and specific in your responses; get right to the point and do not generalize. Finally, be sure to revise and edit your post for organization, clarity, coherence, grammar, and mechanics before submitting it 


1) Define the “Negro problem.” How did Washington and Dubois differ in their views on racial uplift and in their solutions to the “Negro problem.” ( attachment ) 

2)  The “Black Codes” were white southerners’ solution to the “Negro problem.” How did these laws impact the lives of newly freed Black people in the south? What are examples of modern day “Black Codes”? Name at least one and describe the effect it has on Black Americans (for example, “stop and frisk” or dress code policies). 

( https://sites.google.com/a/email.cpcc.edu/black-codes-and-jim-crow/black-code-and-jim-crow-law-examples )


3) Select a reading/author from the unit and discuss why or how that reading/author is an example of one or more of the rhetorical purposes we covered in the unit. Be specific! Name the rhetorical purpose(s) and use quotes or passages from the text to show how the reading/author demonstrates that purpose.

( https://www.facinghistory.org/reconstruction-era/presidential-reconstruction#:~:text=%28Johnson%20granted%20pardons%20to%20nearly%20all%20who%20applied.%29,required%20to%20allow%20African%20Americans%20to%20participate.%201 )