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read article and answer questions(each question 100-150 words)

read article and answer questions(each question 100-150 words)

read article: 1. https://tourismeschool.com/10-things-successful-tourism-operators-differently/ 

2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/sme/how-the-independent-tourism-sector-will-cater-for-the-rising-demand-for-eco-travel-1983611.html 

Q: 1. Supply

What are the four (4) major components of supply? Give an example of each and briefly explain how each can influence an area’s attractiveness. Can supply components influence demand? Explain the impact this has on tourism.

2. Future Demand

Discussion Question – Future Demand

How is the decision on number of hotel rooms to provide in an area in the future calculated? For an individual hotel proposal? What factors must be considered?

3. Tourism Demand

Discussion Question – Tourism Demand

Think about the five measures of tourism demand. Which do you relate to and why? Which is best for whom? (Consider the public, politicians, hotel manager, park manager, airport manager, port manager, and restaurateur.)

4. Linear and Multiple Regression

Discussion Question – Linear and Multiple Regression

Describe the difference between a simple linear regression and a multiple regression. How are these used? How reliable? What makes for a higher degree of reliability? Why?

5.  Delphi System

Discussion Question – Delphi System

Explain the Delphi system for estimating demand. Under what circumstances would you use this method? What are its advantages? Disadvantages?

6. Articles

After reading the articles assigned, discuss sustainable tourism and how small businesses can help create demand for what they offer. Think about how small businesses can partner with larger companies like Expedia and other online tourism sites. What are the pros and cons of partnerships? How else do you think small businesses can promote themselves?