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Observations of “Get More Involved: Fatherhood”

Observations of “Get More Involved: Fatherhood”

 Watching the video:  https://youtu.be/erOetNAxTwA 

I want you to practice analyzing this video in this week’s discussion board since you will be writing your rough draft of a visual rhetorical analysis this week on a different video. You will be able to see how your classmates approach this task and hopefully learn from each other!

Please watch the 30-second public service announcement called “Get More Involved: Fatherhood” above about the importance of fathers taking out time to spend with their kids. The AdCouncil features famous WWE wrestler Roman Reigns. You’ll also notice at the end that a URL is provided towww.fatherhood.gov  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.and also a phone number for more information. I encourage you to explore the .gov site too since this is part of the whole message/argument.

Please focus in on one appeal (ethos, pathos or logos) in this short 30-second PSA. What kinds of emotions does this PSA elicit from the audience (pathos)? How does the ad creator build their credibility (ethos)?  What sorts of evidence and reasoning is brought in and to support what points (logos)?

If it helps, here is how you might word it to start off. Feel free to use these as a sort of template as you craft sentences about the rhetorical appeals in your response. Your response should include scene descriptions as well. Don’t forget the details, such as the role the mail woman plays or the setting of this commercial.

  • In the scene in which _____________, it appeals to the audience’s emotions by _____________. The emotions elicited are __________.
  • When  _______________ is shown/stated, it appeals to logos by ________________.
  • When  ____________, it builds the PSA creator’s ethos by ______________.
  • Your initial post must be a minimum of 150 words. Then, respond to the posts of two other classmates in a minimum of 50 words. What about their response is intriguing? Helped clarify the concept of rhetoric for you? Helped you understand the video? Differed from your interpretation? etc. Please respond to people whose posts haven’t been replied to yet when possible.
  • Each weekly online assignment will be worth 10 points. Students will earn partial points if the 3 required posts are incomplete or if the word count minimum is not met. The initial post is worth 6 points and each peer response is worth 2 points. I will accept late initial posts, but they will be marked down 1 point per day and only accepted up until Friday.
  • Last but not least, please proofread and use a professional, respectful tone. Otherwise, you will lose points. Remember, this is a writing class! It shouldn’t look like a text message.