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Evaluating public policy Project

Evaluating public policy Project


Read the following instructions. 

Dr. Williams, president of St Petersburg College and a group of faculty/administrators are redesigning the Student Survey of Instruction questions. They want feedback from students about the types of questions,  format, etc. Feedback will be obtained from an anonymous survey. Based on this feedback, a new Student Perception of Teaching will be launched in 2020. In this initial feedback phase, Dr. Williams would like to receive feedback from at least 2000 current students enrolled in courses this semester at the Clearwater campus.  The following sampling approaches are being considered:

• Plan A: Randomly sample 10% of the students enrolled in courses at the Clearwater campus this semester

• Plan B: Randomly sample 850 A.A.  students  enrolled in courses at the Clearwater campus this semester, 850 A.S. degree students  enrolled in courses at the Clearwater campus this semester and randomly sample 300 bachelor degree students  enrolled in courses at the Clearwater campus this semester (NOTE:  This numbers represent the breakdown of the degree programs for students enrolled in classes at the Clearwater campus).

• Plan C: Randomly select three classrooms on Clearwater campus and survey all students in all of the classes that meet in those rooms during the spring semester.

• Plan D: Place surveys at the information counter in each library. Staff at the information counter will ask students to complete the surveys.

• Plan E: Randomly select two general education courses and request a listing of students registered in these courses at the Clearwater campus for this semester. Based on the total enrollment, randomly select every n-th student to reach the goal of 3000 students.

Your team has been hired to design and implement the sampling plan. Answer the following questions regarding this scenario:

1. Identify each sampling plan as probability or non-probability, and identify the specific type of sampling plan.

2. Compare and contrast the proposed sampling plans.

3. Select one of the proposed sampling plans that you feel is most appropriate for this situation and defend your choice.

4. Describe any weaknesses in your selected sampling plan.

5. Make suggestions on ways to improve/strengthen the sampling Plan.

 You must include information not described in the scenario above. At least 3 references (peer-reviewed journal articles) must be included that support your suggestions for improving and/or strengthening the sampling plan.

Your report should be 2 pages in length. Be sure to answer each question listed above, and consult the grading rubric (below) to check your report. Submit your report to this Dropbox by the due date. Your report should focus on the sampling strategy. You are not asked to critique the implementation but rather the sampling design.