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I have attached previous essay which is related to this. It is about dresscode. Please ensure you look at before writing this essay. 

Use simple  English

For this essay, you will propose a solution to the problem raised in your ethical project.  You may argue for or against the stance you most supported in the previous essay.  Remember that your solution must be specific and performable, which may mean that you do not need to worry about solving the entire issue. Choose a solution to the issue and describe in detail the steps necessary to bring it to completion. 

            For example, if your ethical argument involved the consequences of adolescent beauty pageants, your proposal can focus on minimizing one of these consequences. Rather than arguing against the existence of beauty pageants, you could argue for a revised dress code for participation that is less sexualized, perhaps patterned on national cheerleading outfit rules.

            Notice that there is a specific audience for this argument: the committees that put on the competitions.  It goes over the heads of the parents and thus avoids many obvious principled responses.  Make sure you choose an audience who can act on the problem, and that you work to persuade them that it is in their best interest to do so.

            While you should summarize the ethical quandary in the introduction, don’t waste too much time on it.  The focus here is on your fully formed and functional proposal.


            Proposal arguments have a modular form.  This means that you have options in shaping your thesis (see further down for how you can use this to lay out your essay)

In order to fix this problem, you must do _______  by ________ in order to achieve ___because ____

 You = The Audience

Must = The Imperative

Do____= The Action

By____= The Method

To Achieve____= The Effects

Because____= The Reasons

USI must revise current housing codes, while responding to the needs of the gender identities of their student-clients in order to stop limited and outdated gender politics from unnecessarily endangering, ostracizing, or repulsing members of the USI community.   

            Your proposal must consider the Audience, the Imperative, the Action, and one or more additional elements. 

            Parents must demand that the dress code of child beauty pageants be changed to follow these guidelines…

            The dress code of child beauty pageants must be changed in order to …

            The Society of Child Beauty Pageants must update their dress policy because…

Paper Requirements

-A minimum of 2000 words

 -A minimum of six authoritative sources are required in order to prove your claims.  Consult your style manual if you have questions about proper documentation.  At least three must be academic and scholarly sources. No dictionaries, Wikipedia, about.com, or other simple sources.  You can reuse sources from your ethical paper if a) they are Academic or Scholarly and b) they add to the proposal argument, and don’t just repeat what you have already written.

-Creativity is a must.

Grading Criteria

This essay must

create a focused, manageable, and relevant critical thesis that requires research and critical thinking,

examine specific, appropriate, and relevant evidence in light of the critical question or statement of purpose,

organizes and synthesize evidence to create a reasoned argument that provides strong support for the thesis

apply understanding of the audiences’ personal, political, and cultural opposition to the thesis

use language appropriate to audience and rhetorical context,

utilize correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; documentation is complete and in appropriate format