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Discussion 3

Discussion 3

 (need in 2 hours) 1 to 2 paragraphs is fine 

As we have learned, no two community policing efforts are the same. In fact, some police departments participate in more than one community policing efforts at the same time and do so is somewhat dissimilar fashions. Search for examples of community policing efforts in jurisdictions that have low income and high income areas that both have diverse populations. Determine how the police departments facilitate community policing in both areas. This may require that you call or visit that agency. Evaluate how the law enforcement staff is managed to address the unique situations in both of these areas and establish a meaningful community policing program. Provide a citation or a description of your sources.

Summarize what you have learned and cite any sources you have used. Then, address the following issues;

1) How do police department go about recognizing the need to adjust their community policing approaches based on the community demographics?

2) What are the major obstacles in making significant adjustments in community policing planning in the same jurisdiction?