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Coaching Philosophy Paper: Annotated Bibliography

Coaching Philosophy Paper: Annotated Bibliography

You will prepare and submit an Annotated Bibliography consisting of at least 10 relevant, peer-reviewed sources that you will use in your Coaching Philosophy Paper. An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of complete citations (in current APA format) for all the literature on your topic, containing a brief paragraph explaining the contents of each entry. The paragraph must not summarize the article or book or list its contents. Instead, it must briefly explain:

1. the author’s main point or argument;

2. the author’s method or approach; and

3. the place of the piece in the literature as a whole (e.g., does the author agree with other scholars?).

The bibliography must provide a solid overview of the existing state of the discussion in the area you are studying.

APA format 

Due Friday April 5, 2019