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Q1. Consider two companies: United States steel (X) and Facebook (FB). 

Look at the profiles (financial statements for 2016) of each on yahoo finance and discuss the followings (you need to calculate these values yourself and show details of your calculations):

  • How many outstanding shares the company has? 
  • What is the market value of the company? 
  • What is the book value of the company? 
  • What is the beta for the company?
  • How do you find the risk free rate? (consider the market risk premium to be 8%)
  • Using CAPM calculate the expected return on the equity for the company. 

(To get the required rate of return on debt, divide the interest expense by total debt) 

(To get the total debt, add the short term debt to long term debt) 

  • What is the Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for the company?
  • What is the leverage (total debt/equity ratio) for the company? 

Q2. By using the data (Up to the year 2008) for Euro zone countries (excluding Malta and Cyprus) from ‘OECD fact book’ discuss the impact of the following factors in bringing about the ‘Euro crises’: 

1- Budget deficits and national debt 

2- Balance of payments 

3- Social expenditures 

Using graphs compare the above factors for the countries in trouble, PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) vs. other countries in the Euro zone like Germany and France that fared well and contrast which of the above factors may have contributed to the crisis. The fact that all these countries were using a single currency and did not have the power to devalue their own currency could be another factor you need to consider when analyzing this issue. 

Q3. You have owned and operated a successful brick-and-mortar business for several years. Due to increased competition from other retailers, you have decided to expand your operations to sell your products via the Internet. Using your responses from previous discussion questions and assignments (be sure you include them in your analysis), develop a plan to implement and execute your strategy to go Ebusiness. 

Q4. Write an 8 – 10 page APA formatted paper that explains the following: (1) three to four important concepts you have learned throughout this seven-week course; (2) identify the two to three concepts you would like to apply to your work setting and how you will go about implementing them; (3) identify the key elements of your plan to strengthen your practice of leadership. 

Q5. Answer the following questions in a 3-5 page APA format paper: 

1. If you have been involved previously as a manager of change, how would you rate yourself in terms of your handling of the need to take actions that sustain change? What have you done well? What not so well? 

2. When you’ve been on the receiving end of the change initiatives of others, how well have they handled the need to take actions that sustain change? What have they done well? What not so well? 

3. Of the various cases presented in chapter 12, which one resonates best with you? What is it about this case that you can relate to? Are there any implications for how you would act in the future? 

4. How good are you at handling unanticipated outcomes? 

5. If there was one main idea that you took away from chapter 12 that you believe can be of most use to you as a change manager, what would it be? 

6. If you were to add an idea to the treatment of sustaining change that is provided in chapter 12, what would be your contribution?