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Special Topic 2 – Frusco-W4-A 

Big-Picture Question 

Which character in Sophocles’ Antigone did you sympathize most with, Antigone or Kreon? As you analyze the actions and fate of the character, make sure you consider all aspects of the character: What was good about the character, what was bad about the character, what did the character do that was right, and what did the character do that was wrong. Be sure to cite passages to support your analysis and make sure you explain why you sympathized with the character in spite of his/her faults.

Abbreviated Instructions (click here for complete instructions)
(1) Do the reading assignment for the module.

(2) Submit your Initial Post* to your discussion group before the initial deadline. In your initial post, you will need to (a) respond to the Big-Picture Question and (b) ask Your Own Question:

(a) Respond to the Big-Picture Question (above) by referring directly and specifically to works discussed in the module. Document the sources to which you refer with in-text citations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

(b) Ask Your Own Question that you have about the reading. Avoid questions that do not relate directly to the module or cannot be answered by referring to the readings in that module.