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Abstract and annotated bibliography

Abstract and annotated bibliography

I want you to follow the instructions very carefully. I want you to do the abstract for essay 3 and the annotated bibliography. You have to read every file I uploaded before beginning anything. I want the abstract on Saturday 4/6 and the annotated bibliography on monday 4/8. 

the CSULB database: https://csulb.libguides.com/az.php

three articles we used in the semester( of the five) : 1-I have a dram speech dr. Luther king

2-Letter from Saudi Arabia Malcolm X

3-Million Man March and Day of Absence Remembrance and Recommitment

for the bibliography use use the three essays and find 12 from the database 

and for the abstract choose the topic carefully because I will use it for essay 3

NOTE : don’t do essay 3 just read the instructions to use for the abstract