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Unit 1 – Pecha Kucha Kanban

Unit 1 – Pecha Kucha Kanban


Develop a Pecha Kucha Presentation on Kanban. 

Develop, record and upload a Pecha Kucha Presentation Summarizing  the Agile Methodology Kanban using any source available to you including what has been provided to you in the core materials.  Include in your Pecha Kucha 1) what is Kanban 2) why do organizations use it 3) what are at least 2 examples of Kanban with enough explanation about it that someone will get it. Include anything else you like but at least include these items.

Setup up PPT to automatically advance slides at 20 secs, record  audio from all team  members (yes you must collaborate together), upload final  recording to Moodle. 

PPT submittal must be less than 64 Megabyte or you must publish  your output to the web. 

Here are a couple of examples of how to do a Pecha Kucha