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Short essay

Short essay

  Please use the following prompts to develop an original essay consisting of approximately 3 to 4 full pages (excluding the works cited page) focused on  Susan’s Glaspell’s Trifles. Please remember to avoid writing an extended summary of the work; the focus should be on analysis.  

In addition to the work(s) analyzed, three critical sources are required, all of which must come from PSC’s library or its databases. Quotes from the original text are necessary in order to validate your assertions, so please use them appropriately throughout your essay, taking care to cite them properly in-text and in a works cited page using MLA format. Be careful to avoid over-quoting, though. Failure to include three library sources will result in a twenty-five-point penalty. You may choose from the following general prompts to help you narrow your topic.


· Plot and Conflict

· Character(s)

· Theme


· Choose to compare two characters or a common theme or subject found in several works. 

· Examine a single element in one or more works—for example, plot, point of view, or character development.