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reading homework

reading homework



read this article and answer the following questions


•  Do you agree with her? Regarding a) the salary complaints, b) posting this in public, c) asking financial help (e.g.,  paypal  donation) after getting fired.

•  Do you think Yelp has the right to fire her for her behavior? Why or why not?

•  Is there any legal protection for employees from getting fired in this situation? Do you find if Yelp has a social media policy, if so, what is it?

•  What will you do if you were Talia? Will you do the same thing to complain on SB? or what will be the smart ways to do if you are in the same situation?

•  What will you do if you were Jeremy, CEO of Yelp? Will you do the same thing firing your employee? Why or why not?