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project management offices 12

project management offices 12


Unit 1 – Pecha Kucha Presentation – State of PMOs

Develop, record and upload a 20 slide Pecha Kucha Presentation Summarizing the State of the PMO from the article that is attached or any other research you can do on the internet regarding the current “state” of the PMO (“state” refers to basically 1) how important are they being viewed as 2) are they becoming more popular now than in the past 3) what industries are they most used 4) who are the leaders in the industry, etc…

Setup up PPT to automatically advance slides at 20 secs, record audio, upload final recording to Moodle. 

PPT submittal must be less than 64 Megabyte.  You must load your PowerPoint into Moodle in .pptx format.  No other formats will be accepted.  Please note that a Pecha Kucha is a 20 slide presentation advancing automatically every 20 seconds.  Your transitions will be checked. 

Here are two examples of how to make Pecha Kuchas.




Rubric Unit 1 – Individual Assignment Pecha Kucha.xlsx