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Process Selection and Facility Layout (Operations Management)(4 pages)

Process Selection and Facility Layout (Operations Management)(4 pages)


Arrange/rearrange an organization/department (or an organization you have worked with in the past).  This should be approximately 4 pages and illustrate how you would organize systems to make them more efficient.  The basic objective is to facilitate a smooth flow of work, information and materials. 

As part of your analysis, be sure to create a schematic model of the organization layout as described in the text (i.e. flow line for production, cafeteria line, process layout, U shaped production line, other)

As part of your layout, you may want to address the following:

Repetitive processing – product layouts

  1. Flow line for production or service
  2. Type of layout (e.g. fixed position)
  3. Process type (e.g. batch)
  4. Technology
  5. Bottlenecks
  6. Standardized tasks
  7. Specialization
  8. Division of labor
  9. Material handling
  10. Utilization of Labor
  11. Routing and scheduling
  12. Preventive maintenance
  13. Incentive plans

Non Repetitive Processing – process layouts

Fixed Position Layouts

Combination Layouts

Cellular Layouts

            Group Technology

Service Layouts

  1. Warehouse and storage layouts
  2. Retail layouts
  3. Office layouts
  4. Restaurant layouts
  5. Hospital layouts
  6. Automation services