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Please I need this tomorrow

Please I need this tomorrow

               Read the instruction carefully…… This is a video assignment 

                        ****I have attached my smart goals at the bottom.****

Please look at the link :



1 – Retrieve the goals you submitted in Project & Portfolio I.  Review your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and tactics.  (my smart goal are attached at the bottom) Create a 3 to 4 minute audio and video Quicktime movie discussing the  questions below. You may wish to review “Build a Successful Brand: Five Ways to Get SMART When Setting Goals.” 

2 – Address all of the following questions in your video:   

  • What was your short-term goal and why did you choose it? 
  • Have you achieved your short-term goal? Why or why not? 
  • What tactics have you used to achieve this goal? Please describe your tactics in detail. 
  • How well have your tactics worked?  
  • If you have not achieved your short-term goal, outline a recovery plan.  
  • If circumstances have changed and you need to alter the goal, explain why and how.  
  • Then create a new, more appropriate goal for your current environment and the tactics you will use.  
  • Describe the steps you have taken toward your medium-term and long-term goals.  
  • Again, alter any goals for which circumstances have changed.    

3 – Save the final cut of the video in .mov or .m4v format