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Health policy

Health policy

Policy Brief #2: ACA Comparison One Pager, 15%

Due April 2nd

This assignment will challenge you to critically think about your ACA brief.  You will conduct a brief comparison of the three states, using your brief and two other states.

Assignment Objectives

1) Review  ACA policy briefs and identify two states for comparison to your state. Look for states that differ from yours regarding at least one major aspect of ACA implementation, e.g. Medicaid expansion, adoption of major innovations2) Compare and contrast your chosen states’ ACA implementation strategies3) Synthesize results into a concise one-page brief discussing your findings4) Identify at least one promising policy or practice you would recommend for implementation in one or more states, based on your findings

This assignment will challenge you to synthesize information concisely while critically analyzing health care policies and services across states.